Be careful what you're doin' - Be careful what you say

Be careful what you're thinkin' or they'll come take you away.

Don't ask any questions- and you'd better not complain

'Cause that makes you a "terrorist" in "Homeland," USA.


You don't need no lawyers now, 'cause you ain't got no rights

We hang whistle-blowers here, and we crucify white knights

We don't need no stinking Constitution, anyway.

That ain't the way we do things now, in "Homeland," USA.


We listen on your telephone - We're reading all your mail

If we don't like your attitude - You're goin' right to jail.

You want to know the charges? HA! You'll just have to guess.

But right before you hang yourself, you're going to confess.


The enemy is everywhere - they're Black, they're Brown, they're Gay!

In the League of Women Voters and your local PTA

If they mention freedom or justice - Report them right away

You just can't be too careful, now, in "Homeland," USA



With: Molly MacMillan, piano; Harry Aceto, bass; Frank Campos, trumpet; Matthew Clauhs, flute; Jen Middaugh, vocals.  Written and arranged by Spartacus Jones. Recorded and mixed by Will Russell at Electric Wilburland, Newfield, NY.